Fish Fry
  • May 19, 2015
  • Life
  • While on our honeymoon in the Bahamas we wanted to get a taste for the local flavor and everyone we asked – from taxi drivers to hotel staff – told us we had to go to the “fish fry.” B and I thought this meant we’d be going to a restaurant with the name Fish Fry, so we were a little surprised when our driver pulled up to a strip of restaurants that were all a part of the “fish fry.” Each restaurant offered very similar dishes, all traditional Bahamian dishes, so it was a little overwhelming to pick one out. After walking the strip a few times we decided on Twin Brothers, mainly because it was featured on Top Chef and a few other cooking shows. If you know anything about B, you know one of his favorite hobbies (besides watching Cardinals baseball) is trying out restaurants that have been featured on The Food Network and Travel Channel.Bahamas Fish FryLike most of the restaurants at the fish fry, Twin Brothers specializes in fresh conch dishes. We tried the conch fritters, conch salad and cracked conch burger.Bahamas Fish FryThe conch fritters, served with a side of Calypso sauce (similar to a spicy tartar sauce you’d get here in the States), were the highlight of the meal. They reminded me of a meatier version of a hush puppy and we liked them so much we ended up getting them for lunch every day back at our resort for the rest of the trip! Surprisingly, we liked the conch fritters even more on the resort because they had a lot more conch and less batter.Bahamas Fish FryThe conch salad reminded me of ceviche and while it wasn’t my favorite meal, it was pretty cool seeing them chop it up right in front of you so you knew it was fresh.Bahamas Fish FryB had the conch burger, and while I forgot to take a picture (probably because I was too busy enjoying the conch fritters), it tasted and looked like fried calamari and we both really liked it. If you ever find yourself in Nassau, I would highly recommend a trip to the fish fry and Twin Brothers. It’s a short taxi from the Straw District, which is where the cruise ships dock, and a short drive from most of the resorts as well. B and I have a trip to Key West planned for later this year and we both cannot wait to indulge in some more conch!