How To Build The Perfect Charcuterie Board
  • June 5, 2017
  • Entertaining · Food
  • When Brett and I were in DFW over Memorial Day, my friend Diana hosted a wine and cheese night at her townhouse. She invited all her Fort Worth friends and neighbors over (plus puppies!) and we ate cheese, drank wine and talked all night. Diana and I have been friends since high school, I’ve met her college friends in the past and this time it was so fun to get to meet her new “adult” friends.  How To Build The Perfect Charcuterie BoardToday I’m sharing with you how to build the perfect charcuterie board for your next cocktail party. I can’t really take any credit for the charcuterie board because we modeled it cheese slice for cheese slice after a charcuterie board our friend Ruthie had made, but it was too good not to share and I know I’ll be using this as a guide in the future.  How To Build The Perfect Charcuterie BoardYou’ll want to start by gathering all your charcuterie accoutrements. The four main components of a good charcuterie board our cheese, meat, crackers/bread and fruit. To make your board a even more impressive in a good spread like Divinia Orange Fig Spread. This spread pairs so well with brie. Almost a little too well, I didn’t want to stop eating it!

    Once you have all your accoutrements, start building your board. It’s easiest to start from the center and work your way out. Finish it off by layering in a few sprigs of rosemary in any holes you spot throughout the board.

    Charcuterie Board Grocery List: 
    Cheeses: Brie, Goat, Asiago, Cheddar (the sharper, the better in my opinion)
    Meats: Prosciutto, Salami or pepperoni (I really like the Tartufo brand truffle salami sticks)
    Fruit: Grapes, Dried fruit like cherries, peaches or dates
    Crackers and Bread: Crusty French bread, sliced thinly, Water crackers, Sweet & savory cracker like Trader Joe’s raisin rosemary crisps, flatbread crackers like Chicago Flat’s All Flavor Flatbreads

    Do you have any tips for building the perfect charcuterie board?