Baby Essentials
  • September 7, 2017
  • Baby
  • Now that we’re in our third trimester, we’re slowly starting to get all the gear we’ll need for when baby arrives in a few months. It’s astonishing the amount of things such a tiny human will need! We are trying to keep our list of items to just the baby essentials because we don’t have a ton of space in our condo, but even so our list is essentialsA few weeks ago the Chicago Baby Show was held at Navy Pier and it was a great opportunity to see in person some of the items we have on our wish list. Today I’m sharing a few of the baby essentials that are at the top of our list. I’d love to know what you love for baby and anything I may have missed!

    UppaBaby Vista Stroller: I knew I wanted this stroller even before we got pregnant. It is pricier, but after so many of our new parent friends raved about it, it made the decision easy. The suspension wheels make it great for city walks, and the large storage space underneath will be great for trips to the store with baby.

    BABYBJORN Bouncer: This is another higher-priced tag item, but again it’s another one that parents seem to love. Babies grow out of most bouncers pretty quickly, but the BABYBJORN bouncer can grow with your child, up to two years old. It also folds flat so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

    Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad: Before the Chicago Baby Show I had never heard of Cozy Cheekz, but now I think it’s genius! With having a winter baby, I’ve been concerned about keeping the baby warm enough both in and out of the home. This heated changing table provides 12 hours of continuous heat and is leak proof and stain resistant.

    Tinybeans: This isn’t a product, but something I consider a baby essential, especially if you have family and friends that live far away. Tinybeans works like a private photo album that you can share with family and friends via daily email’s or through the Tinybeans app. It’s a great way to share photos without sharing your child’s every move on social media. My cousin’s use Tinybeans to share pictures of their adorable daughter, and I love getting daily emails with pictures of their baby.

    Monica and Andy: Monica and Andy is a local Chicago brand and I can never resist popping into their store on Halsted whenever I’m walking by. There baby clothes, blankets and accessories are made with high quality, organic fabrics that are so soft.