How To Survive Winter With A Newborn
  • January 30, 2018
  • Baby
  • There’s no denying that winter can be tough, especially a Chicago winter. Throw in a newborn and a rough flu season into the mix and it gets even tougher. Gracie was born at the beginning of December on a brutally cold day and it stayed like that for most of the month and into January. Many days were too cold to leave the house so we only left unless we absolutely had to, which started to lead to a serious case of cabin fever. Luckily we were given a glorious break this past week and we were able to get out for some walks, to run errands and go out to dinner.winter with a newbornWhen we found out we were expecting and would be having a winter baby, I was definitely worried about being stuck inside all day with a crying infant. Luckily Grace is a pretty chill baby so I can get through most days with minimal tears as long as she’s fed, dry and not tired. Even so, it hasn’t been great being cooped up for so long so today I’m sharing a few ways to survive a winter with a newborn.

    Embrace Bath Time: No, not baby bath time (Gracie hates bath time so this is definitely not relaxing for anyone), but bath time for you. There were many early days when Brett would be rocking Grace to sleep at night that I would sneak off to the bathroom and draw a hot bubble bath. Not only did it warm me up, it was a great way to relax and have a few baby-free moments.

    Join A New Moms Group: Winter or not, my number one recommendation for new moms is to join a new moms group. Not only does it get us out of the house, it’s a great way to meet new moms who understand exactly what you’re going through. I actually am a part of two new mom groups and I feel like they have saved me. They give me something to look forward to and a reason to get out when it’s really cold. Plus I feel like I have this whole new group of friends now!

    Stay In Your PJs All Day: When else do you have a legitimate excuse to stay in your pjs all day? Of course staying in your pajamas all day is acceptable with a new baby no matter what the season, but there is something so cozy about being in your pjs during the winter. I love Eberjey pjs because they are comfy, but still cute.

    Get Out When You Can: I know I just said stay in your pjs all day, but it’s equally important to get out when the weather does get above freezing. This past weekend we went on a four mile walk to the lake and around Lincoln Park and it was wonderful. Saturday morning walks are part of our Spring/Summer/Fall routine and I’ve been looking forward to taking Grace out too.

    Stock Up On All The Winter Gear: When you do get outside, make sure you and baby are bundled up appropriately. I live in my Canada Goose this time of year, and Gracie loves her Zutano booties and hats and we put her in a snowsuit bunting for walks in her bassinet along with a stroller blanket. She always tells us when she’s cold and she’s never cried when we’ve been out so I’m assuming this keeps her nice and toasty!

    photo by Jenny Anne Photography